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Workshops and Residencies
Storytelling and Literary Elements -- Expanding Language Arts and Critical Thinking  Skills.   
Danielle teaches students how to craft an adventurous plot, and create vivid characters.  She uses stories and
folktales to help students explore story structure, encouraging them to ask questions of the story and
characters.  With each re-examination of a story there is a purposeful "look at the story" from the viewpoints
of other characters.  This examination helps to give students a different perspective, and is the catalyst
toward developing critical thinking and language skills, and enhance writing skills.
Creative Movement to Enhance Writing Skills.  Danielle uses creative movement to spark imagination
and ideas. In many ways is like prewriting.  She uses theater games to help put students in a mood of
alertness and concentration, which is the right mood for learning. Creative movement increases our sensitivity
to emotions, clarifies feelings, and increases reasoning and decision-making skills.  
Stimulate Your Student's Imagination
Danielle encourages students to find their own voice, vision, and style through self-discovery, social interaction, and
free expression. She uses a combination of creative movement, storytelling, visual arts, creative writing, and drama to
stimulate students' imagination.  Her workshops and residencies are fun and exciting.  Danielle takes students on a
journey -- filled with exciting possibilities.
Creative Writing From Within.  Certain literary devices can increase the effectiveness and beauty of
students' writing.  Danielle uses storytelling, visual arts, creative movement, and drama to enhance students'
writing skills. Students learn the value of sensory details to create images, and how to write from sight to
Theater/Drama and Playmaking.  Using stories, theater games, and improvisation, students create plays.  
Students explore what they want, what they care about, what they fear, and they learn how to dramatize
those feelings -- to create real plays.   The experience of producing their own plays help students learn
self-discipline, cooperation, mutual respect, and trust.  Students become more knowledgeable about
themselves and others.  Drama helps students to develop their imagination and intuition, and nurture skills and
attitudes that are useful in every aspect of learning and life.
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