Fasten your seat belts and travel the world.  Master storyteller Danielle Daniel will  take you on an exciting
journey filled with adventure, suspense, and drama.  She uses a unique blend of music, stories, folktales, poetry,
humor and drama...engaging you every step of the journey.   Feel the rhythm of the drum, sing the songs of faith
and hope.  Be lifted-up and soar like eagles.
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Spirit of Our Ancestors
A performance honoring the struggles and triumphs of the African American history and culture through
folklore, poetry, and song.   Like other forms of African-American creative inventions, these tales testify to the
dreams and hopes, and strength and courage, of a people, forever proud and strong.  "Amusing tales that
sketch the range of humor in the African American Tradition."

Stories from Around the World
This program includes a wide variety of stories from different cultures.  Children learn about themselves and
their world through stories.  Multicultural stories heightens respect for individuals, as well as the contributions
and the values of cultural minorities.  Through multicultural literature, children develop positive attitudes about
and respect for individuals in all cultures.  

Women in Transition
This program honors women--their struggles, triumphs, and contributions to our great society. These stories
are empowering, educational and healing.
Tour Shows
stimulating the imagination
Storytelling Programs
Musician Alphonse, Sr.
- Stories from Around the World                        - Nature and Science Stories

- Black History Celebrations                               - Special Events and Holidays

- Respect and Trust / Character Building             - Literacy Programs
Performances Can Be Designed Around Themes
DANIELLE DANIEL master storyteller / author / educator