"What an incredible ability you have to enthrall students through your art of storytelling!  
Your presentation was awesome!  You are a true master storyteller."
--Ms. Haltman, Principal, Wenonah Elementary
Danielle is an actress, storyteller, author and educator. Her programs have received rave reviews from students,
parents, and educators.  She believes creative arts can build strong learning communities.  That our stories validate
who we are, and connect us to our world.  Through our stories we pass on our wisdom, values, courage, and faith to
our children.  

Her career includes a wide variety of theater and storytelling programs -- delighting audiences of all ages, and
cultural backgrounds.  Her work is insightful and provocative.  She challenges herself and others to explore
possibilities, make new discoveries and connections, and to step outside of their comfort zone and look at life
through different lens.

She has performed in England, Germany, Italy, and Africa, and has been featured as a keynote speaker at many
events.  She is a roster artist with the Minnesota State Arts Board, Young Audiences, COMPAS, The Givens
Foundation, Vocal Essence, and has completed The Kennedy Performance Arts  Center "Artist as Educators"
program, presented by Northern Iowa University.
"Your stories were terrific and it was just a very fun event for all.  Alphonse's music
was so relaxing and added so much to your stories.  We all had such a good time
--Jan Skogstrom, Minister
"I really liked your stories.  The music was awesome."
--Jason, age 12
"Danielle is a pleasure to work with and her quality of performance and workshop is excellent."
--Mike More, Asst. Principal
Tel: 651-398-9614      email:                                                        *   www.danielledaniel77.com
connecting communities through the arts
empowering others
Danielle employs the power of storytelling, theater arts, creative movement, visual arts, and creative dance to
empower others.  She believes the arts allows for creative self-expression, which builds confidence, and help
participants no matter the age or cultural background, to become more knowledgeable about themselves."  

Danielle act as a guide, providing the creative process to spark students' and participants' curiosity about Art and
Art-making.  She motivates and inspire students and others to go within and create from their hearts.
"Thank you for bringing your program to our school.  It was great!  Your stories
were educational, exciting, and had very important messages of character for our
--Gary Berggren, Principal
DANIELLE DANIEL master storyteller / author / educator